9 Makarov

Does anyone know a weapon, caliber 9mm Makarov with a barrel having grooves : 18 right

The Ukrainian company Fort is making weapons with 6 lands in the barrels. May this be something along their developments?

Also the brass jacket of the projectile looks like 9x18 made by Fort (lead core).
Has this projectile a raised cross formed into the exposed lead portion at the base?

I can only tell you what it isn’t. That is, all the below have rifling quite different from this.

Makarov Pistol - Russian
Makarov Pistol - Bulgarian
Makarov Pistol - Chinese
Makarov Pistol - East Germany
Makarov Pistol - Federal Republic of Germany (Post Reunification commercial pistols consisting
of left-over East German Parts, Bulgarian Parts, and a new type safety of unknown mfg.
Stechkin Pistol - Russia
Kalashnikov Pistol - Russia (exists only in prototype form anyway).
Czech vz 82/83
Hungarian Fèg Series - 59, 61 and 63
Polish P-64
Polish P-83
Darra Pakistan Makarov Copy - based only on my own specimen. These could have any kind of
rifling the partcular shop that made it want to use

All but the Stechkin and Kalashnikov (Don’t I wish!!!) are based on observation of my own pistols.

The brass bullet is found in many more rounds than just those from FORT, Ukraine. Also Fiocchi,
MFS (Hungary) and perhaps others. I am not at my collection right now.

Very interesting bullets. Could I get permission to use this photo in the Appendices of a book I am trying to write on all things “Makarov?”

In my opinion it’s from a self-made barrel.
Ask on some forensic forums.

Thanks John, and 18 grooves is very rare! and weapons sites there is never information about barrels !!

Falcon knows more about it than I, but there is quite a bit of home-made gun criminal activity going on in Eastern Europe involving blank/flare guns having barrels put into them. These make for odd non-standard tool marks. The caliber is usually 9mm Mak or 9 luger.

It is quite true that gas and other “less-than-lethal” forms of the Makarov pistol are being turned
cartridge guns by criminal activity in Eastern Europe. These undoutedly use either new barrels
clandestinely made, or real barrels from parts acquired illegally. Of course, “home-made” barrels
could have any kind of rifling or even be smooth -bore. Also, it is likely that more than one shop
in Darra, Pakistan, turns out copies of the PM. My specimen, almost new in condition, is quite well-
finished outside, and the barrel has fairly normal rifling that appears to be uniform and well cut.
The pistol is fairly well finished outside, although a bit crude inside. Still, with the few Darra guns
I have seen it is the best made by far. They seem to be improving and I note from recent films
from Darra that far more of the shops have at least some modern machinery. When a dear friend
of mine visited Darra years ago, only one shop in the who town had electricity!

The Baikal IZH-79 tear gas pistol converted to fire live ammunition is common in criminal circles in London today.

This pistol is an all-steel pistol which differs from a true Makarov only in the barrel. These are converted to fire ball rounds in Lithuania where the pistols can be purchased legally. I have seen some media sources that say they are smooth-bored, and some that say they have three-groove rifling. I have never seen a definitive answer on this. As these are media sources, I would hesitate to believe any gun-related information from them. It is often plain to see that the writer knows nothing about firearms.

Where were these bullets found?

I some American company’s that are producing BATF approved barrels for flare guns also.


I have no reach for any rifling data at the moment, but I would check the rifling data of the 9 mm Marlin Camp Carbine. With slightly modified chamber a couple of 9x19 guns shoot 9 Makarov as well.

The proportions of the bullets on the pics shows elongated bullets in comparison with normal Makarov geometry.



Thank Radom1
The balls are slightly deformed by the shot.
Rifles: Marlin 9 & Feather AT-9, don’t have the same number of grooves, but there may be other weapons?

I have not seen anything other then Marlin to look like this. Sorry.


Jean-Marc, do they come from that crime involving 4 persons death? Than we can look for other areas…

Hello, this has nothing to do! and thank you for looking