9 MM 45 9x19 ID

Looking for an ID on the .45 ACP shown below:

Is this definitely on a .45ACP cartridge? The headstamp is very similar to the ‘9 MM 45’ seen on Canadian 9mmx19 stamped with a 1945 year date, Pete.

Thanks Pete - I just went back and fished out the round and you are correct - it is a 9x19. Not sure how I had that filed under the wrong caliber :man_facepalming:

Given this adds nothing to the previous discussions on this particular HS, could one of the Mods delete this thread please?

Easy done! Cheers.

Clandestine headstamp made in Canada. The years found are 40 thru 45, as I recall. False dates for sure, since the pilot lot of 9 mm ever made in Canada was by Dominion Arsenal in 1942. My personal opinion is you can simply add ten years to the date, making “45” into “55.” Others have different opinions, but the actual year of manufacture on your cartridge is not, in any case, likely to be 1945. Again, clandestine marking. Muskey typed out correctly the way the headtamp should be read, regarding the order of the information.

This headstamp has been covered in depth on previous threads. I don’t know how to find them and list them here. I have never been able to master picking the right description to find anything from the past on this Forum. My poor computer skills, undoubtedly.

I agree with Mayhem that this thread could be eliminated.

John Moss