9 mm and 10 mm FAR

Just found this interesting website.

Brochure is in english too. Articles are in italian but with good pics of ammo and designers


I’ve known about the 9mm FAR for a long time and have one of the rounds in my collection. A neat idea but the very thick brass base must surely put up ammo weight and cost quite significantly.

I’d not heard about the 10mm version though - a pity there are no illustrations or dimensional data. Does anyone know of any?

I notice that the last date of a news item on the website is 2001 - is it still current or has the project disappeared?

I will receive a sample of one of the first experimental 10 mm FAR cases made by LCM in the next days

I’ll post all the dimensional data when I’ll have it in my hands

There has never been any commercial production of 10 mm FAR ammo. Only lathe turned cases are known

Tony, if you have a loaded round this has been probably been loaded by LCM using Lapua case and Fiocchi bullet.
I have never seen a factory loaded 9 mm FAR cartridge by Lapua, empty cases only or custom ammo loaded by LCM

Also, I think that pistols and ammo went out of production. LCM no longer offers 9 mm FAR ammo and brass is no longer produced by Lapua and listed in recent catalogs.

Thanks for the info, Pivi.

Mine is loaded with a typical round-nosed FMJ bullet and is headstamped LAPUA 9mm FAR.

Yes, that is the only known headstamp.
LAPUA cases with “LCM” rolled around the base are known to exist, but I have never seen one

LCM loaded this round according 3 power levels

Barrell: 120 mm , 124 grains FMJ bullet

1 level: 360 m/s
2 level: 380 m/s
3 level: 420 m/s

A carbine capable of auto fire based on a .45 Tanfoglio frame with a long barrell and a detachable stock was also developed

( sorry for the blurry picture but my camera is KO . Hardly visible on topo of picture a LCM ammo box)

The Cases, from the cross sections shown, must be made from Wire Slugs, rather than from Discs Punched and cupped.

Definitely a more costly method of manufacture (even when compared with Normal 9x19 cases, made by the “Slug-Impact” method) due to the greater amount of brass used.
The Upside is there is no waste from a Punched strip…

And I suppose the cases should be definitely a reloading proposition, due to their cost initially, although how long the brass will last, given the unlocked pressure effects I don’t know…But then Normal 9mm fired from an unlocked bolt Subgun (direct Blowback) can be reloaded several times without bad effects…

SO it comes down to whether the Unlocked Gun is more or less accurate than a Locked Breech gun??? What does Comparison of Low Power Unlocked Guns such as 7,65 and 9mmK tell us?..Very Little, given the different pressures and Power Factors.
I suppose its just “One of those ideas” which will come and go in Gun Design.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Technical Services

Looks Like the velocities that I got out of factory 9mm Largo (50’s FNP and FNT) through my Astra 400 when I tested it against .38 Super +P. The .38 Super +P velocities are also exact. Granted that was out of a blow back and not a closed breach, but one wonders how things come around full cycle when the new is really the old. Again. Cheers, Bruce.