9 mm Biker Bullets

Just got home from the Sturgis bike rally. Picked up some 9mm Biker Bullets with STURGIS headstamp.


They were selling ammo at a bike rally? Sorry, don’t know much about bikes, I need sleeping time and air conditioning when on the road.

Cool, bring to Abilene.

Ditto what Muck said!

Nevertheless interesting.



I haven’t been, but Sturgis is a whole lot more that a bike rally. thousands of bikers visit the town from all over the US & other places around the world & basically take over the town for a whole week.

Bruce, save me a couple I’ll give one to Bill O.

Vlad there were 480000 people that attended Sturgis in 2017.

I have a few extra boxes and will bring them to Abilene.

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I’ll consider going to Sturgis if there will be an antique ammo stand there. Reminds me of driving through Daytona Bike Week on the way to Disney a long time ago. Motorcycles everywhere…


If possible can you please bring one complete box to SLICS for me??


Sure Harrie.

Great thankssssss

best regards