9 mm Box from Munts, Amsterdam

Below are photos of a 9 mm 30-round box from the company of Munts, Amsterdam. They were prompted by an inquiry about a trademark on the great thread about Dutch 9 mm and 7.65 mm Cartridge Tins, but I felt that while germane to the identification of the Munts trademark, they really don’t belong there.

Does anyone have similar boxes for other pistol calibers?

I received this box empty, but suspect that they are a repacking of surplus military ammunition, but have no idea from where.

John Moss9 mm Box Munts Amsterdam 1

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I do had a box of 9mm Para from Munts, delivered to the Nederlandsche Politie. They where made by Z in 1946. That box had´the Munts sign on the side of the box. Unfortunatelly I had not made a copy from the whole box, only from the front and the ammo-
Here they are:
Z 14 46 fuer Holl Polizei box

But it had clearly the Munts sign on the side of the box…


Peter - I had forgotten these boxes, and did not notice it because all of these are top-label up in drawers. Here is a picture of the marking on this-style box.

I am sure everyone can figure it out, but in Peter’s picture, the reference to the guns is “voor Stenguns” referring to the British machine carbine Sten. I mention it only because the “S” is obscured.

The identical boxes as shown by Peter and I occur also loaded with cartridges of the same headstamp, but with black primer seal and GMCS-jacketed bullet, as well as with the red seal, CNCS type shown by Peter.

John Moss

thx for the pic–I have added it now to my “Photocollection” with the frontlabel…
Do the gmcs-bullets with the black p.a. also have the markings “for stengun” ??, or are they maybe for pistols??
Thx and have a good time…
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Peter - Yes, both boxes are identical including “voor Stenguns.” Seems odd to me too, but then perhaps just separate deliveries. The year covered by the “46”-dated headstamp is a long time, and could have included many deliveries, I suppose. You would think they would have least kept the primer-seal color the same.

Here is the “Z” marking from the other side of the box, just to complete all markings for your file.


On both my boxes, the top line of print is somewhat obscrued by label damage, but using both, I see it as saying “Kwik- en Kalium.” I haven’t a clue what that means in Dutch or Czech, not even which language it is.

Hope your time in the hospital sees you leaving in good condition. I wish for you and yours the very best for the Holiday season, my dear friend.

John M.

Kwik[silver] is Dutch for mercury. It means a primer (ontsteking) free of mercury and kalilumchlorate.

P.S. Peter, I wish you all the best for your recovery from hospital.


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Z in the Rifling is of course, the trademark of ZB, owner of the
Povaske Strojarne plant, at Banska Bystrica, in Slovakia ( former Jiri Roth of Bratislava and Municije of Brat.( circle M).

Doc AV

Interesting thread. I have the cartridges pictured but never saw a box. \Knew that Manufacture was by Czech firm for Dutch police. Thx for sharing.

I have a sealed box but headstamp is AI 67

At the end of the sixties, the company Munts sold ammunition from the AI
this ammunition had small defects read on the bill.( no 9mm on this bill ) but they bought a lot off ammo from the AI
The ammunition was packed in original boxes of 30 pieces and includes a private label.
Among minor defects were understood to have small dents scratches or spots which did not pass the final inspection at the AI
SA on the box means Small Arms!
source Rob de Heer.
munts 3|690x964

.22 box GEVELOT by Munts

ammo boxes

Police boxes

Are the headstamps on the 6.35mm known?

headstamp 6.35

Harrie, thanks a lot!
I have not seen these before.

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great boxes Harrie

I think you answered here on the “munts” thread…but it was for here:

Peter, you are correct, of course. I guess my senile old mind could not stand the prosperity of having been right for a change. I will take care of it.