9 mm FAR Question?

Hello, I came across an empty brass shell. The headstamp on it is 9 mm FAR. It neasures 23.97 mm long. I dont know what FAR means or what this round would be called when full loaded (ie 9x23?) ect. I would appreciated any insite anyone would have. Thanks in advance, joe

Perhaps this will answer your questions: cartridgecollectors.org/cmo/cmo08jul.htm It would be the 9x24, by the way. FAR means fast, accurate, reliable.

Thank You Kindly ammocollectorME

Years ago an Armi e Tiro reader sent a techinical drawing to the magazine… he wrote that the Browning system could be avoided if a case with a thicker bottom was used. Under recoil, even with a blow back pistol gas pressures would be tamed by the heavy case.

Some years later Tanfoglio like that idea and, in cooperation with that reader and LCM munizioni developed the first prototype cases. They were lathe turned from solid brass rods and had no headstamps. A pistol was made chambered for the 9 mm FAR,Lapua started making empty cases , loaded in Italy by LCM for testing purposes.
As far as it is known no one ever produced 9 mm FAR loaded cartridges.

A 10 mm FAR cartridge was also developed, and some prototypes were made by Tanfoglio and by the italian gunsmith Marco Rigido. Two versions of the 10 mm were made: the first one had a super tapered case, which led to a loaded cartridge with a very strange shaper (really don’t know why they produced those cases with that taper). The later version was almost cylindrical, and looked like a 10 mm Auto case. No headstamped brass in 10 mm FAR was ever made

PS: I should have the reader’s name somewhere in my files. Could search for additional info if needed