9 mm Flober case headstamp CR for ID


One my friend has this 9 mm Flober case with headstamp CR

I can’t ID this headstamp exactly. Only supposition that it could be Carl Rossman, Wien, but I am not sure.

Please, help me to ID thid headstamp


Hi Treshkin.
This looks to be a recovered round (ie out of the ground). Do you know where it was found. That may give some indication of the maker. However, there are dozens of Flobert headstamps that have not been identified as to maker and probably never will be identified. The rim indicates that it is of early (for Floberts) manufacture.




this case was found in the ground in Ukraine. Possibly in west Ukraine which was a part of Austro-Hungary. That is why I have supposition that it could be Carl Rossman, Wien. But it is only my opinion. Existed a lot of other manufacturers with such headstamp.