9 mm French Experimental

Two lengths of cases :
40 mm and 41 mm

Two models of bullets :
short one : 31.30 (thin one with lower groove)
long one : 30.6 (fat onewith upper groove)

Hstps can be : LM, or LM 60 or none

The bullets in fact are CN (the picture is not very good)


Do you have any info about the gun which fired these?


[quote=“strakv”]Do you have any info about the gun which fired these?

Hi Vince !
Try to get the book of Jacques Barlerin about French experimental weapons.
It is very well documented.
I have it somewhere but two movings within one year does help very much to find it !

This cartridge was never shot in any gun, only in test shooting tubes in Bourges, to calculte its ballistics. On September 2, 9 and 16 1959, 640 cases and bullets were sent to Bourges for test -firing in a lengthened MAT 49 type Police barrel, with a crusher device added. Shooting distance was 200 m, with 3 kinds of powder, GB Sp 0,3, GB Sp 0,5 and B 7T 0,3,.

The definitive load was to be found with a new powder from Angoul

Thank you for the detailed reply!


My very close friend, Jacques Barlerin, who who passed away in January was probably THE best specialist about the French military ammo.

This gruesome event is still a cruel loss for those who had the luck to know him.

He wrote a very informative booklets about the French experiments in intermediate cartridges, but did not published it, only in 5 to 10 copies. So it is unpossible to obtain it to-day. He was also preparing a whole history of French military small arms ammunition, bu I doubt that this masterpiece could be published a day…

We have the project to edit the whole array of studies he made on the French ammo subject, but it is now up to his survivors to decide what will be the way to do it and if I may quote some parts of it, as I did to-day, I do not wish to reprint it under any kind of authority before things are settled.