9 mm from Italy

Photos of four -9 mm. 3 have Italian headstamps. One has no headstamp.
NHS - magnetic blt, tin is wore off 186.5 gr.
B.P B-16 non magnetic cn blt 197 gr.
L.B.C. M.17 non magnetic brass blt 194 gr.
T.M B-30 l=non magmetic cn blt 195 gr.
9mm Glisenti have a truncated blt. Are any of these Glisenti or are they 9mm Parabellum?
Bob R.

Bob - they are all 9 mm Glisenti loadings. Normally, it would be hard to say with the unheadstamped round, but in this case, the bullet is definitely the “Italian” form of truncated bullet, and I feel certain it is Glisenti. By and large, in Italian 9 mm made pre-1946, a truncated bullet will be a Glisenti loading. I say “pre-1946” because after the war, you cannot tell with a box label generally. Fiocchi made commercial 9 mm Para with truncated bullets, but also did make some runs of the Glisenti loading which were also commercial loads.

Were most 9mm Glisenti rounds loaded with non magnetic bullets?

Bob - yes. There is documentation for an experiment AP which would have had a bullet that would take a magnet. I don’t know of anyone who has a specimen of this round though. I have a fair collection of Glisenti cartridges, and I have none with a magnetic bullet. I have one round I have classed as 9 mm Para, which has no headstamp, an “Italian look” and a magnetic bullet, but in my opinion, the bullet is not shaped right for an Italian Glisenti round.

In my first answer, I said that all pre-1946 Italian 9 mm with truncated bullets were Glisenti. That is not true. There is a round, * L B C * PARAB 9 headstamped cartridge with a CN Truncated bullet. I guess I did not think of that because it is headstamped with the caliber, and so is obvious. One I should have thought of is the rounds (not necessarily all of them, which muddies the waters) headstamped FIOCCHI 1918 with large lettering that were found in a Fiocchi box marked as 9 mm Para by a European collector, I think Peter Petrusic, although I could be wrong. They also have a truncated CN bullet. Except for the letter size, the headstamp is a typical Glisenti one, but we probably must go by the known box label.

There are also two rounds that I think are pre-War commercial, although it is not impossible that they are post war I guess, headstamped GFL Parabellum (obviously a bunter with another caliber designation removed, probably “7.65” which exists) and GFL Parabellum •9• also with CN truncated bullets. Again, I guess I didn’t think of those two because they have “Parabellum” headstamps. I should have included them in my first answer.
Sorry about that.

Hi John,
Thanks for you answer and knowledge.
The first cartridge in the pictures I posted is
NHS with magnetic bullet.
Bob R.

I have that round as well, but have classified it a 9 mm Para, frankly solely on the basis of the magnetic
bullet and, as I recall, there is something about it that rules out it being the Italian AP. Just my call on it - anyone else’s guess (and that’s all it can be without a box label) is as good as mine.