9 mm Information

The attached photos are of a 9mm I obtained at the recent ECRA meeting At Bisley, UK. I did get some information at the time but in my excitement of purchasing more items for my modest collection I’ve forgotten what it was. Can anyone shed some light on the bullet which is non magnetic (I’m assuming the NR on the headstamp indicates non reloadable)



The aluminim case ammo has been sold for many years in the US as “Blazer” [throwaway cartridges], and correct, it is not reloadable. They also started making brass case ammo under the name “Blazer Brass”, which still confuses many people.
They use Speer bullets and CCI primers: https://www.blazer-ammo.com/
It does not have the “NR” stamp here, at least no the last time I looked, probably a requirement for some overseas governments.
I am not sure, but the bullet “looks” like the old Federal Niclad.

Hi John,

This is the Herter’s Select Grade brand loaded with a 115 gr Total Nylon Jacket bullet.



Here is the original thread about this ammo type: Cabelas Herter's Select Grade Aluminum Cased Nyclads

Scroll down in the thread for more photos.

Many thanks to you all for this information, much appreciated