9 mm Luger by LCM

A friend of mine posted this picture on facebook.

I think that someone will find it interesting

I think this is the first of this headstamp I have seen on 9 mm Luger. I have a .30 Luger round in my own collection by LCM, and I know there are other calibers, such as 9 x 21.

Thanks for sharing this picture with us Pivi.

Yes, here another example you would find interesting

Even though I don’t collect revolver rounds, that IS interesting, Pivi. I don’t, somehow, equate the .44 Smith and Wesson cartridge with modern-day European manufacture. Is there really that much call for it there?

John, that is a 40 S&W , not a .44

Pivi - “Mine eyes have seen the glory…” To bad they can’t read a simple, two-digit number. Now its even more exciting. I’ve got a lot of .40 S&Ws, but this is a new one on me!

La ringrazio molto per il foto, amico mio!