9 mm Makarov by MFS

Does anyone have a picture of the box or information on the 9x18 vz. 82 cartridges headstamped MFS 9x18 04/12?

These were made for the Slovak Police I have been told.

Fede - I will send you a scan of a box label directly to you by email. You can put it on the Forum if you wish. The label doesn’t say much, but it is, what it is! The bullet is the normal Czech sintered iron type, thus the use of the Czech vz. 82 nomenclature. The case is brass, and boxer-primed, with a nickel primer cup and a red primer seal.

These were made for the Slovak Police, and were made over a number of years. Once they started putting a lot number on the headstamp, there are lots of them. The box pictured is for “MFS 02” without the lot number on the headstamp. It is from manufacturing lot 1 03 09. The box is plain white with black print, and has a black platic “post type” insert to hold the cartridges.

Don’t know what else to say about it. All velocity and pressure specs compatible with those of the original Czech rounds.

You will get the scan tonight, shortly after I post this.

Thank you both for your help. Here is the picture of the box and cartridge sent by John: