9 mm Para monobloc Winchester

I have got an photo of a Winchesterbox and cartridge of the 9 mm Para monobloc.
I can.t find any information so far about this cartridge.
I like to have information about the innershape and performing.
Who uses this kind of ammo ??? Ploice , Army or just civilian selfdefence ??

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Interesting; it appears to be along the lines of the Men-D “capped holowpoint”, and the light bullet weight seems to confirm; I’d also be interested in seeing some more info on these.

This appears to be a HP development, not Winchester.

Here is some info:

CARTRIDGE 9 x 19 mm Luger with
EMB-bullet 6,0 g
(Expansions-Monoblock Bullet)

Technical datas:
Bullet weight: mp = 6,0 g

Hi Ron,

I am familiar with the Hirtenberger EMB cartridges, but the shape of the nose of the bullet is different.
It must be something else !!


I looked at this cartridge and the box recently and it is clearly a Winchester product. Inside the end flap it was marked

EO 7297F

This is a Winchester Experimental Order Number so there is no question in my mind this is a Winchester product. The bullet construction is very different from the HP EMB bullet and this bullet is slightly magnetic where the EMB bullet is nonmagnetic.

Lots of stuff out there, even from US companies that we know nothing about!!!

Cheers, Lew

How did you make out with KTW ?

Here some new photos box, headstamp, EO-number and page of brochure.



Interesting bullets. Thought Gilbert Hoxie passed away years ago! Somebody is always re-inventing the bullet.

Lots of people have reinvented the Hoxie bullets. In the 70s and 80s and perhaps later CEPCO (Controlled Expansion Projectile Company) filed a patent in 1973 and it was issued in 1975 for bullets with steel balls in them. I have two different 9mmP rounds by CEPCO.

I think the Winchester monobloc may be part of an ongoing effort by FN. The 2002 Winchester effort for FN was followed by the EP2 round for FN that was manufactured by GFL in 2004. Note that the steel ball in the Winchester round was replaced by a plastic ball.

I don’t know where this EP2 effort went, but the rounds are hard to find and I have not seen anything that looks like a follow-on.

In the 1980’s Winchester made a 25 ACP with a bullet that had a steel ball at the tip of a copper plated lead bullet. They labeled it as a “45 Grain Expanding Point”. The end flap is marked : 34SL91

How long was this product made and was it made in any other calibers?


Paul - the Winchester .25 A.C.P. Expanding Point load, Product code X25AXP, was introduced without much fanfare in the 1982 catalog. On the next to last page is a comment: “Expanding Point Bullets: New and exclusive with Winchester. The only expanding point 25 automatic available.” That is the only notice in the catalog that this was a new load.

The load is still in the 2007 catalog, although I have not seen a box of it anywhere at a shop in our area since we closed the shop I worked at six or seven years ago.