9 mm Parabellum Hartmann Subcaliber

This is a very rare 9 mm Parabellum subcaliber made by Schuchardt & Sch

Fede - a wonderful item. Thanks for posting it. It would be great if someone had pictures of the apparatus for firing it - insert barrel or the like.
The case is short for 9mm Para as is, although maybe it headspaced on the slight shoulder that is in Luger Pistol (Parabellum Pistole) chambers??? I guess that wouldn’t be, though, since it lacks a defined headspacing shoulder, tapering immediately from the outside case dimension it? Are there any patent papers that show it and how it was used? I understand the removable firing pin mechanism. I mean here how it was used in a pistol.

Nice cartridge.

I think the design is a ‘one size fits all’ sort of design, catering for both the 9x19 para and the .30 luger versions of the pistol.

Vlim - I suspect you are right. There are a lot of these adaptors where I think that may be the case. Which caliber depends on the rest of the unit, I am sure, not on the adaptor.

Fede, Great item! It is different than any I have seen. Would you please post the full inscription on the side of the item? I would like it for my records. Could you also include a photo and any other data on the Hartmann “A” cartridge? Were 9x19mm adaptors (or other adaptors) made for this cartridge? I’m trying to put together some identification for an article on 9x19 subcaliber cartridges (see my recent post).

John, I have never seen a reference to a Hartmann adaptor, but your Luger references are much better than mine. Is there any reference in your material??? The Hartman is similar to some I have that are post WWII.

Thanks for the great information.

Vlim, The adaptor kits I have seen are caliber specific, which you’d expect since the subcaliber barrel must be made to fit a specific chamber. I would not be surprised if the subcaliber cartridges (when they are used) were common between calibers with the same head diameter. The Lienhard adaptor cartridge is probably an example of this since it bears no resemblence to a 9x19 (see the posting I brought forward) but I have not seen a Lienhard adaptor in other than 9x19mm so I can’t say that for certain. Do you know of any specific examples where the subcaliber adaptor was common across sets intended for different calibers.

Hi Lew,

The full inscription on the side is (two lines):

Schuchardt u. Sch

Thanks Fede. That adds a lot! I appreciate your help. If you see any other 9x19mm adaptors, please let us know.