9 mm Parabellum NPT headstamp

Which is the correct interpretation of Taiwanese headstamp NPT made by Fiocchi? National Police Agency/Training? National Procurement Agency/Training? National Procurement Taiwan? National Police Taiwan?

Box label reads (NPA/Training) and there are at leat two different lot numbers (NPT 2 05 & NPT 03 05).


I have documented five different styles of NPA headstamps, but I don’t believe I have ever seen an NPT headstamp.

I also don’t know of any NPA headstamps made by Fiocchi!!!

Got some photos—or better yet, cases???



Yes, the NPA 08 cases are Fiocchi-made. They weight the same, have Fiocchi non-toxic primers, and the interiors are consistent with G.F.L.-headstamped cases. I also have some NPA 08 with standard Fiocchi primers, I presume they are overrun because the Federal-made NPA 06 ammo also had non-toxic primers.

NPT 05 by Fiocchi (red annulus) and box label:

NPA 08 by Fiocchi (red annulus):

NPA 02 by? (now an Argentine commercial reload by Full Metal S.A. under Waffen brand. Note primer with 4 identification marks):

I have the same NPT headstamp with he year of 2005 as well and saw evidence it was made by Fiocchi (scanned pic of the box emailed to me) as well. Also has the red annulus paint.