9 mm USSCo


I have a 9 mm U.S.S.Co. head-stamp with an all lead bullet, not the normal metal jacket. Is it a reload or did the USSCo actually make a 9mm lead?


Maybe U.S.C. Co. ?


Almost certinaly a reload. I have never seen any catalog or other record of a USCCo 9mm Luger with a lead bullet. In fact, I don’t think any of the US loaders of 9mm Luger offered a lead bullet prior to 1945, but perhaps some of the reloaders did. After WWII there were quite a few loaders/reloaders who offered lead bullet 9mm Luger cartridges. One was the Warner Gun Room in Ohio who sold boxes of 9mm Luger with lead bullets loaded in cases made from cutdown 38 Special cases. Wagner and other similar loaders were responding to the demand generated by 9mm pistols that were brought back after the war, either by soldiers or imported by the surplus gun dealers that sprung up in the immediate post war period.

I’m at the beach with the granddaughters and don’t have access to my collection. When I get home I’ll post some photos of the Wagner box and cartridges.

Does anyone else have documentation of US loaders/reloaders of 9mm Luger in the post-WWII period, say 1940-1960.