9 para ctge-Hst LBC 50


hstp is 50 at 12oc and LBC at 6 oc

Is it scarce ?


This headstamp style by LBC is only known with the 1950 date. The 1951 and 1052 loads have the more common LBC9M38 51 style headstamp. There are later loads with the three digit date (LBC9M38 960). I have these with 1960 & 1961 dates and have seen a 1966 date and box.

In the US the LBC 50 headstamp is in most good collections, but it has been a long time since I saw one offered on a table at SLICS. Others may have different experience.




JP - at one time this headstamp was around. Lew is spot on in his description. It is now not such an easy headstamp to find, like many others that were relatively common years ago. Time marches on, and this cartridge is now over sixty years old. Its current scarcity, though, like with many others, doesn’t seem to translate to any sort of high value.


Thanks to you both