9 para from Italian manufacture

brass case, CN bullet
hstp is 9 M 38 F 1944 instead of 9 M 38 1944.
What is the meaning of the F ?

It is a product by Fiocchi

first time I see such an hstp (wth the F)
Is it scarce ?

I would call them “common among collectors.” You don’t see them in shooting quantities, or find them in large quantities at cartridge shows wither, but if one really wants one for his collection, they can be found. They are, like most WWII headstamps, less common now than they were some 25 or 30 years ago.

I have the same round in my collection.I think I paid 2 euros for it

thanks Pivi

This headstamp is only encountered in 1944 and 1945 dates and it has been speculated that the headstamp was changed under German occupation.

It occurs in both brass case and brown lacquered steel cases in both 1944 and 45 dates. It also occurs on a proof load, a Glisenti load (truncated bullet and the box label identifies it as a Glisenti) and an interesting load with a German GM colored mE bullet with the tip painted white. All three of these loads are dated 1944.




And please confirm in the other topic on 9 para if the red plastic bullet is blank or lacrimatory