9 Parabellum Spanish color Test


At the request of Schneider, I open this thread again.

All are 9 parabellum Spanish color test. Some of them very rare


Nice rounds. There are some that I have never seen.

Now if I recall correctly the history of the Oramil company goes like this:

1.- Plásticas Oramil, headstamp (P.O).

2.- Cordosa since 1992, headstamp (CO).

3.- Asaey since ¿?, headstamp (AS). Asaey announces as a distributor of ammunition, and police and military equipment. I don’t know if they’re Cordosa, or a subsidiary of Cordosa, or they are not related but have Cordosa make cartridges for them with their own AS headstamp.

As far as I know, Oramil and Cordosa made plastic cartridges, but Asaey makes -or markets- full length blanks in 5,56 mm.




Here some I have seen years ago:


Thanks for the photo EOD,
Only saying that as of today are really hard to find these pieces


Here’s the “CO” example:


According to Davrib, plastic ammunition in 5.56 mm caliber was dropped in Spain when the new Heckler & Koch G36E rifle was adopted, because it posed many problems with plastic debris clogging the gas port in the gun. The G36E (E = spanish version) was the first gas-operated rifle in spanish service; all the former Cetme models had no problems with gases, being of the delayed-blowback system.

Here’s a box of Asaey blanks submitted for trials in the G36E rifle. These should be regarded as function test dummies because they are empty. Notice the right-hand twisted petals of the case closure, the green lacquer casemouth seal and the apparent absence of primer seal.




Wow! This reminds me again how many of the Plásticas Oramil variations there are that I don’t have including the two colors on the left in Davrib’s photo and all three that EOD posted. The unheadstamped white plastic blank in Davrib’s photo is also new to me.

Here are the PO (and related plastics I have). Ignore the brass case blank in the photo.

A couple of these are not pictured previously on this thread:

  • AS headstamped white plastic blank (3rd from left).
  • Blue plastic shortrange headstamped only “9mmP”
  • PO headstamped white plastic blank with no powder charge (7th from left). It is shown below on the right next to a normal loaded blank on the left. I don’t know if this was intentional or a loading mistake.

Finally a blue plastic shortrange turned up in the US, not in my collection, headstamped:
P.O-1-83 9mm

The use of “9mm” instead of the more common “9-P.” is a surprise. I do not know of this headstamp in a collection in Spain.

A very interesting set of cartridges. And, a lot to still look for!!!