9 Remington mid 1970's presentation "acetates" (overhead projector)

I have had these (from Remington Bridgeport, CT) since the late 1980’s. I have no clue where/when they were used; one would presume they are actually two different “talks” as there are a couple of duplicate frame numbers.

Have at it boys as I don’t have a clue and only hope there’s a pearl or two to discuss in the stack

acetates REM%202


GREAT stuff Pepper. Especially the “Wambee” looks really neat.

Guessing the .30-06 sabot slide shows early work on what ended up becoming the Accelerator line?


Visual number 2 showing the primer is probably related to the “Etronix” electrical ignition line. Note the presence of an insulator and contact in the primer design.

Overhead slides were used into the 1990s. These were probably for some sort of visitor/VIP briefings on development projects being worked on at the time. Helps justify the need for the R&D department when the beancounters want to cut costs.

We used overhead slides well into the 2000s at schools here ;-)
There were still some overhead projectors standing in storage there in 2017 on my last day of work there.

And I agree with you on the #2 being related to EtronX, looking at my .22-250 sample it’s easy to see the layered nature of the body, insulating cup, and contact surface.


Visual No. 7 (7.62mm NATO) for a related Forum discussed see: Another 7.62 x 51 Mystery


That .38spl Wambee armor piercing load with steel core is totally new to me. I dont recall any sort of mystery rds or anything of that description matching anything of the sort at the Woodin Lab either. Maybe just an idea on paper?

Can anyone provide photos of the 5.56mm, .30-06, 20mm & 30mm composite case cartridges mentioned in Visual No’s 3, 8 & 10?

Its interesting how this composite cartridge case concept is currently being researched and tested by the military and private sector in a big way to reduce ammunition weight.

What goes around comes around!!!?