9 x 18 makarov


I have a cartridge with a special heastamp, can you help me for to know the type of cartridge

That appears to be a 9mm Makarov (9x18mm) round with a heavy jacket for additional penetration; the headstamp shows that this round was loaded by Tula (539) in 2005, and “nno” stands for “ppo” in English, but I don’t know what the “ppo” is supposed to stand for.

This headstamp originated in the year 2005, and was made for cartridges for a militia. The “nno” is the Cyrillic Version of “PPO” as SDC mentioned. They stand for “Patron Pravoohranitelnyh Organov” (transliterated into the Western Alphabet), which was translated for me as meaning “Cartridge for Law Machinery,” although I suspect that there is a better translation for the word Organov. The case label describes the caliber as “9x18ncrc” again in Cyrillic letters, translating to “9x18psgs” in the Western Alphabet. This stands for Pulja stalnaja (ball with steel core) gilza stalnaja (GMCS, basically). These words were transliterated and translated for me by a friend in Eastern Europe, who supplied me with this information. Both the wooden packing crate and the inner steel 1280-round box for this ammunition are marked with the “PPO” initials.

The PPO (“Patron Pravoohranitelnyh Organov”) means “cartridge for law enforcement agencies”. It is the new russian police cartridge which has no core in order to reduce ricochets. Unfortunately these cartridges are of low quality so that the Russian police is using them only little (or better it is disliked). The first lot (539 04) of these had no “PPO” marking in the head stamp and the projectile shape was a little different.

this cartridge did have a special name in the russian police ?

Yes, as the head stamp says “PPO”.