9 x 19 Para P08 Beschuss (proof) or not?

There’s a little discussion going on about these bullet.
Some says it is a Beschuss (Proof), other, as myself, says it’s an ordinary ball. I spend 2 hours at this forum, but I cannot find the solution here… Who?


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I have a number of boxes of this ammunition with both this headstamp and with the P405 headstamp. They are all 50 round Commercial boxes in German with no indication they were intended for export (ie, marked, MADE IN GERMANY). They are definitely not Proof cartridges!

In 1939-1941 there was little true Commercial demand in Germany for this ammunition and I suspect this ammo was manufactured for the SS or some other Nazi/government organization.

Box photos are in the following Topic:


The cartridge is simply a commercial “oeldicht” (the red laquer seals case mouth and primer) introduced in the mid-thirties for pistol calibers by RWS/Geco.
In the military, this had an additional “trop.” in the designation, because the sealing made it more useful in tropical climates (North Africa, parts of the Soviet Union).
In short, your cartridge is identical to the commercial “oeldicht”, apart from its military headstamp.

Edit: There were also “trop.” variants of the German 7.9 mm rifle cartridge.

Thanks the the quick reply folks. Yes I did know they are oilproof, but that’s all. I wonder about the prices, €11,00 for 1 cartridge…:roll_eyes: