9 x 19 Parabellum Conmemorative 50 Years ECCC-ECRA

Hello everyone,

Those attending the meeting in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany, received among other details, a cartridge caliber 9x19 Parabellum, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation of ECRA,

There I did not ask and do not know who is the manufacturer of this round.

The characteristics of the projectile make me believe that the manufacturer is Austrian or Italian maybe, but I am not certain.

Could someone confirm me that information?



Ximo, the cases were made by DAG.
There is also a second version with a different bullet (flat nosed soft point).

Thanks you, EOD.

Are any of these still available for sale to those of us that cannot attend the meeting. I am an ECRA life member.

Hi John,

You can have one of these rounds but it would take some time to get it.
I can give the round to Lew on the spring meeting next year.

Regards Leon.


Thank you. That would be fine. I just wondered, did they print extra boxes? It would be nice to have one of the box sleeves with it.

That’s something that maybe should be done with these club commemorative rounds. That is, print a cardboard box sleeve for every, or at least most, of the total run of cartridges. Not one for every fifty rounds; one for each round, so that all members could get a box. The box labels on some of these “special” cartridges is often more interesting than the cartridge itself.

Just a thought. I know it would be added expense, but perhaps each member could pay a little for the cartridges with box label. I certainly would not mind doing so.


To my knowledge there are no labeled boxes made for these rounds.

Regards Leon.

This is an image of the commemorative box cartridges.

Both variants:

Very Interesting projectile. Is it a jacketed Soft point with a copper cover? Have any been sectioned? Thanks Dave Call

Actually not, it is the Hirtenberger “EMB”:

amd.co.at/ids/image-cache/wa … isp800.jpg

tactical.at/images/product_i … huss-1.jpg

Also loaded in Slovakia (PS) and Italy (GFL).