9 x 19`s ID Please

Need identification of those 9mm`s, thanks in advance !!!.
Lew: they will be in my next “wanted list” jajajajaja !!!.

The 3rd from the left, the pointy white one…looks like a South African “Skyjacker” round I think I have. I’ll go look and confirm.

Yes, I have the round, but without the case mouth seal. Mine has an “85 9mm12” headstamp. I have mine listed as an “ANTI-HIJACKING EXPERIMENTAL”.

Left to right =

  1. Hi-Vel incendiary (exploder), or maybe a Glaser safety slug, but the tip looks concave like a Hi-Vel exploder, and the shade of blue is lighter than a Glaser. (late 1980’s / early 1990’s)

  2. Safety bullet

  3. ??

  4. Looks like a Samson Die-Cut Ultra

  5. Looks like a T11-7E2 9mm U.S. airforce experimental steel bullet (late 1940’s - early 1950’s)

  6. American Ballistics steel monolithic AP bullet (early 1980’s)

  7. Could be anything?

  8. “Pin Grabber”

DK did a good job as always!

#1 looks like the Hi Vel 9mm Exploder with a 65gr bullet
#4 is the MagSafe 64gr +P Stealth
#5 doesn’t really look like the AF Hi Standard load to me, but rather a gray plastic bullet-perhaps one of the British loads. What is the headstamp.
#7 Could be anything-what is the headstamp?

I totally agree with the other identifications.

If you can tell us what the headstamps are it will always help.

Cheers, Lew

Can you add any info to the South African round I id’d?

If #5 is plastic then that makes more sense; I was wondering why it had $15.00 for a price on such a cartridge as what I thought it was.

First of all, thank you very much for all all of you for the information.
The headstamps of the cartridges are as follows:

#2 WIN 9mm LUGER is this somekind of saboted projectile ?
#3 85 9mm 12
#4 R-P 9mm LUGER +P
#6 …S&W… 9MM (RED BASE)
#7 Hebrew characters 9-71 (sold as packaging dummy)
#8 WIN 9MM LUGER is this the Pin Grabber or the Law Grabber ?

All of them belongs to my friend Roberto who was recently at SLICS, the lucky bstrd got beautifull 9mm

There were alot of #7 around a few years ago. There was much discussion about them, and the best explanation I heard at the tine was that they were Israeli packaging or machine-testing dummies.

Best explanation is here:

Number 3 is actually a grenade launching cartridge. It is used with either UZI or BXP sub-machineguns & is used to launch tear gas grenades for riot control. The primer should be heavily crimped to withstand the extra stresses, usually ring crimped & stab crimped & not just the usual 3 stabs, this often has 6. Here is a picture showing some variations on this cartridge with the different neck seal colours on the left. On the right hand side are the “skyjacker” cartridges - these have a teflon bullet which is very white (the grenade cartridges are more cream coloured), flat tipped, also with different neck seals. I do not know the significance of the yellow tipped one.

DK was right! #5 is the Hi Standard AF experimental.

#2 is a Safety cartridge (a number of people had them at SLICS). It is powered by the primer. When fired it expands the white nylon/plastic plug and locks up the weapon. You need a rod to push the expander back in place to unlock the weapon.

Jon was right on with his description of #3

With the angle of the photo, I had missed that #7 is grooveless. It is a dummy used to test machines used to load cartridges into boxes.

If it is the Roberto I’m thinking of, I think he got #1, 4 & 7 from me. I had all three at SLICS. I may have also had #6 but cannot remember. It was easy to identify 1 and 4 because I hadn’t put the boxes away yet.

The older/original Kawser Pin Grabber bullets had the exposed lead 'teeth pictured…the more recent Law Grabber typically has a plastic cap in the shape of the ‘teeth’. My Law Grabber is a .45ACP; I’ll try to post a pic soon if no one else has an image available.

Here’s a few “Grabbers”. The first one is the typical pin grabber as far as I know, while the second one came to me labeled as a “bone grabber” with red colored cavity, and the third was labeled as a “turbo grabber” and has the black resin tip.

OK Will and Lew…which is the pointy one, grenade launcher or Skyjacker? I’m kind of leaning towards Will at this point.

Will is the expert on these rounds. I agree that the pointed ones are gernade launchers.