9 x 19mm Loaded by NRC (Thailand) Using Cases From Burma (Myanmar)

Nerak (Nerac) Arms Industry Company, Thailand.

November, 2019
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nrcammunitionofficial/posts/435101683918617


Any ideas on this headstamp and manufacturer?


Hi Brian,

The English name of this Thai company is Narac Arms Industry Company Limited (also spelled “Naracarms”).

Cases used for this lot are of Burmese origin and made by Defense Industries. Dates of manufacture looks very recent (aprox. 2010 to 2017). Thai lot number date indicate year of manufacture is January 11, 2019.



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Are these distributed in the US?

They also have NRC headstamps, posted on their facebook site but too small/poor quality to capture.
edited to add one for Lew
nrc 9mm

They have been in business since 2006.

nrc 45 acp thailand

Sorry also wanted to add they also manufacture shotshells as well now too.