9 x 19mm (?) Marker Cartridges, Russian Manufacturer?



Webpage- http://www.cniitm.ru/catalog/ammunition/88/


Webpage- http://www.cniitm.ru/catalog/ammunition/87/

Are these of Russian manufacture (TsNIITOChMASh in Klimovsk ?) or manufactured elsewhere and marketed in Russia?



Hello Brian,

Viewing their website, it looks like this Russian company does produce these cartridges.

I clicked on their “production” tab, then “ammunition” tab, which sent me here: http://www.cniitm.ru/catalog/ammunition/

Some interesting looking cartridges… Even the underwater cartridges!



Brian, these are made in Russia and the first sample I saw was from TsNIITOChMASh with code #61.

The cartridges have official designations:
Paint markers: UP-M
Target practice: UP-B



Hooke, spasibo!

It may be worth to mention that TsNIITOChMASh is not making cases themselfes (to what we know).
Most of their cases are made by other Russian manufacturers. No matter if with code #61 or others.


Alex & Hooke,

Thank you both for the information an picture.