9 x 51mm SMAW M217 Cartridge, Overview Presentation by Jay Bell of Mast Technology, 2018

From the NDIA 2018 Armament Systems Forum, May 2018, a presentation by Jay Bell of Mast Technology:
9 x 51mm Mk217 SMAW, J. Bell, Mast Technology, 2018.pdf (1.6 MB)

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I wonder if there will be a requirement to omit the lead for environmental reasons.

Somebody goofed up on the diameter and or spread sheet!
A 9mm thingy thats 51mm long which weighs 10-13lbs and is tank fired?

The three listed rockets/grenades on the bottom left are the 83mm ones fired through the main tube. The 9x51 is fired with a separate spotter rifle on the right side of the main tube.


Jay mentioned that he believes the current contract for the 9mm SMAW will be the last. The system has been targeted for replacement for quire a while, so there probably won’t be any requirement to remove lead. But, he said, the previous contract was expected to be the last, too, when he got that one, so no one knows for sure.

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