9 x 56 by hirtemberger

could someone tell me if Hirtemberger ever made 9 x 57 mauser ammunition?
I have a 9 x 56 cartridge with H///* headstamps.Its dimensional data are between 9 x 56 mannlicher and 9 x 57 mauser,so it is hard to identify it surely.
But,if hirtemberger never made 9 mauser ammo I can identify it as a mannlicher cartridge


PS: it was found in a french sealed box whose label says " for 9 mm mannlicher rifles"

Pivi - since the cartridge is Austrian, and the box is marked “for Mannlicher” I would think that this cartridge is the 9 x 56mm Mannlicher-Sch

Yes,I agree.these two cartridges are very very similar in their dimensional data.
However,tomorrow I will receive a very nice 9 x 57 mauser DWM made sample and I will be able to compare these 2 cartridges.

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