90 mm commemorative projectile

I recently picked this one up and I can’t find any info on it. The plaque is too worn to photograph, but it says -

This 1,000,000th 90mm projectile is presented by Harris foundry and marine company to R C Kirchofer in appreciation of the contribution in making this accomplishment possible

JUNE 1953

The projectile is marked

HFM 1 Lot 66-1953-90mm.m71



Thats an incredible and meaningful score! Beautiful!



I consider myself a decent researcher and I can’t find anything on it. It seems to be a one of a kind piece, but I’d like to find some providence. It’s not likely a fake since it isn’t anyone famous and it isn’t tied to some great battle or campaign. It’s a real headscratcher.

I think it is a presentation gift from a military subcontractor to an employee. Find someone who is a military supplier/subcontractor and you may be able to find this Harris foundry (it may not exist anymore, 1953). Like this cup from Westinghouse.

Probably someone in a senior position. So it is probably unique.

There was a Harris Foundry Machine Company of Cordele GA that is listed as a WWII contractor.
According to “Alphabetic listing of major war supply contracts. Cumulative June 1940 through September 1945, Vol 2 D-J” Harris Foundry manufactured ammunition containers & frag bombs during WWII.
Link to book -

I have seen a few of these type of commemorative rounds in different sizes. Years ago, I sold a commemorative, 1 millionth, 40mm round from the Vietnam era. Currently, on EBAY, their is a 1millionth, 5" Naval projectile for sale with a BIN price of $15,000, which I doubt will sell.



Thanks for the info. I couldn’t find a listing for the naval projectile. Maybe they ended it.

Here is the link to the auction that ended without a bid. The Seller did resist it, but looks like EBAY killed it.