90mm AP tank projectile


Great apologies for bad imaging. This “bullet” is standing as a not-for-sale display in an old gun shop. I had just a sec to take a picture. Any idea what it is?


It looks like a 90mm AP tank projectile to me?



Just found a picture of my 90MM AP tank round that I think may be the same as this projectile on the countertop.

PS: It is the 3rd from the left. It is also the 2nd INERT artillery shell I ever bought when I was a kid :-)


Superb specimens there, Jason.


Thanx Rick! Tank ammo is my fav :-) Especially DS!



Similar “HVAP” High Velocity Armor Piercing projectiles were made for the 76mm and 105mm and I think also the 120mm guns. These are big heavy suckers, essentially hardened steel (or alloy) with a blunt nose to punch through armor by brute force, and a thin (usually aluminum) conical nose added for better ballistics.

The APDS Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot projectiles proved to be much lighter, higher velocity, flatter trajectory, and at least as good piercing armor, rendering the old solid shot types obsolete circa late 1950s or early 1960s.

Everyone needs a couple of these… [tell your spouse you read it on the internet so it must be true…]


Sksvlad, JohnS is correct, it is a HVAP round. I have the 76mm version. Mine can be taken apart, I can unscrew the conical head and also the base. On the inside is a slug of very hard steel or maybe tungeston. The outer housing that is very light aluminum that I guess peals away when the round hits the target and this hard slug penetrates the armor. I have been trying to find a 76mm Armor Piercing Capped M62 Sherman tank round, but this 76mm HVAP was all that I could find. Anyone got an M62 APC?