91 9mm 14 . Head-stamp ID

A collector in South Africa has a box labelled 9 x 19 MM BALL SJHP SUBSONIC, but it contains these rounds with the head-stamp 91 9mm 14.

What are they please?


I think this may be it, though they sure look like soft point instead of FMJ! the bullet shape appears to be about the same as your round. Use of a military hst is not surprising. the company may be buying fired military cases or even buying them new.

The maker appears to be Dave Sheer.Guns which may be out of business

Check https://www.davesheer.com/ammunition/handgun-ammo/9mm-para/punisher-lock-n-load-jhp-9mm-para-per-20/

He also offered another very interesting round:

All the info above was sent to me by a very accomplished Slovak collector. I can’t take any credit for it.Wish I had some of these DSG rounds or knew someone who has them!


Hi Lew.

I don’t think they are the same.

The carton that the guy has is a South African military carton, but the rounds inside don’t match the label description so they have probably been replaced, unless the carton is mis-labelled.

Who would have the head-stamp 91 9mm 14 ?

The headstamp is a South African Military headstamp, with “91” the date of case manufacture, and the “14” equal to, in general cartridge language, “Model 1, Mark 4.”

John Moss

Thank you.

I believe the “14” probably indicates it is a standard ball round, which it clearly isn’t. I have a box marked M1A5 and the headstamps are marked “15” and are Ball cartridges. I have rounds with the identical “91 9mm14” but they are a drill round and a proof round, both with the normal ball bullet! In truth though, I don’t know whether the Model and Mark refer to the load or just the case.

A photo of the box would be very helpful;!


I don’t have a photo of the carton, but it is a square card carton, dark brown label, wording in yellow,

25 RD
9 x 19 MM

Sounds like a military label for special rounds.

If the bullets are hollow point, which I cannot tell from the picture of the cartridge, it is likely the original packaging for the ammo, since is uses the abbreviation SJHP which stands for “Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point” right on the label. If the bullets are NOT with hollow point, than my comment about “original to the box” can likely be discounted.

John Moss

Yes it is a military box.

The bullets are not hollow-point. Thus my original post asking what they are.

Box label belongs to the M10A3 SJHP load that I think is only known with a PMP 9MM P headstamp. This SJSP is another factory subsonic load by PMP but I don’t known it’s designation, if it has any.

Thank you Fede.

Tanegashimatomurata - thanks for the confirmation. I could not tell from the photo if they were HP or not. My own RSA collection of 9 mm is rather poor, so couldn’t take any reference from it.

Thus, my equivocation expressed in my own question.