.950 jdj

I note there have been a couple of mentions here about the .950 JDJ previously, but a friend just sent me a YouTube link of it actually being fired. Apparently it is civilian-legal in the US, even though it’s over .50, as a “Sporting Use” waiver was obtained from BATFE. 37K foot-pounds - wow.
youtube.com/watch?v=xohy9gWz … sponse_rev

cool ,it’s the first time that i can see the 950 jdj rifle shooting

Apart from testing the fillings inyour teeth what would be the application? Also they claim it as being the biggest centrefire rifle ever made but I’m sure some antique gun nut could come up with a 4 bore cape rifle that would beat it on size, if not power.

would I like to fire it? No! but its good to watch.

There is no application other than bragging rights. But that’s why people buy Rolex watches and Maseratis when Timex watches and Hondas would work just as well.

All I can say is WOW!

I’m sure most of you know what they look like, here’s a sample from my collection.


VERY nice! What do they cost for the collector?


I got my sample about five years ago. I was able to contact the person who loaded them for manufacture of the rifle at the time. There is no company that actually manufactures the complete cartridge that I know of. It’s made from a necked down Vulcan aircraft cartridge case. The bullet is made of brass and made on a lathe. I believe that I paid about $35.00 for my specimen. They had tried lead bullets, but they stripped so badly and leaded up the barrel that they decided to use brass.

Possibly a person could contact JDJ to purchase one.


I figured it would be more than that. Thanks for the info!

The last person I say that had one for sale wanted $70.00, more than I was willing to pay.

Back when I used to exchange mail with Jurras on occasion, he said if I wanted one to contact J.D. Jones to see if he had any left.
The price then, and this was at least five years ago, was over forty dollars a round if I remember correctly.