960 Rowland

I came across this on the Rowland site today while looking up something on the 460 Rowland. He (Johnny Rowland) calls it the 960 Rowland, and it is loaded on 9x23 comp cases, with the bullet seated a little deeper as he describes it. I presume this is something similar to a 45 Super vs .45 auto situation where the outward appearance of the calibers are exactly the same, but pressure, case internals, and O.A.L. might be different. In the case of this 9x23 vs “960 Rowland” I assume the cases are in fact exactly the same, but that the pressure & O.A.L. are the only differences. A Google search seemed to indicate that this was a new offering as of early 2014 around at least January or February. I presume they do custom conversions to a range of pistols to make this work as they do with the 460.


For the 960 Rowland, the 9x23mm cases are loaded to the same overall length as the 9x19mm in order to fit pistols like the Glock 19. You either deepen the factory chamber or replace the barrel entirely. Back in the 1970s, some gunsmiths converted 9x19mm pistols like the S&W Model 39 to use short-loaded .38 Super. It works best with lightweight, short ogive projectiles, particularly those originally intended for loading .380 ACP.