9mm "ak * 22 41" box question


I have literally 2 or 3 boxes of WWII 9mm, so I know nothing about the label structure. This one caught my attention because of “RWS” at the label’s bottom. Is it just a coincidence or it is really Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff in which case what is the point of coding to hide actual names?


Vlad, There is an article in Journal 441 explaining how to understand German P08 box labels. In the early years of WWII it was not unusual to see DWM and RWS used to identify the primer manufacturer. The subject of German WWII P08 box labels is complex enough to justify a book of it’s own. Remember, the two and three digit codes were only being assigned in 1941/1942. The rounds in your box were loaded by S&B so they were also just learning the German system.