9mm Ammo Crates

Can not find crates like these searching the Internet. I see they are 9mm and shipped from Boylston, Mass. Any info on these; like are they US Military etc.??


NOT US Military. With the dovetail these have a Canadian, European country or South American country look.

Can you confirm there are NO other markings, stamps on the box ends, sides or bottoms?

Crate outside dimensions?


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Thanks. On the side opposite of the photo’d side, on one box, is a Explosive label with 1.2C on it. No other stencils or labels. They had more labels at one time but are now gone. Outside dimensions of the box proper (not including the handle structure) is 9 1/2" X 12"… Hole pattern looks like the lid was nailed on. Some corrugated cardboard on the bottom of one and heavy paper stock lines the corners of the other.

On the label, below “9MM” is “ARMCO”. Found this photo on the net. Yes, they were an importer in Boylston, Mass and got shut down for some illegal activity. image

These wooden crates are of Chinese origin and contain cartridges made in 1990 and 1991 by Liao Yuan Machinery Works for Armco in Boylston, Massachusetts (during 1991 they moved to Clinton, Mass.). Headstamps are L 9X19 Y 90 and L 9X19 Y 91.



Thank you all for the information.