9mm ammunition manufacturer?


Can someone please help with the identificatoin of the manufaturer of this ammunition? Thanks


The manufacturer of that ammunition is Aguila (Industrias Tecnos) of Mexico. This headstamp exists in .45, .40 S&W and 9 mm Parabellum. It was found primarily mixed in boxes with the standard AGUILA headstamp, sometimes just one, sometimes more. For whom and why the headstamp was made is, as far as I know, a mystery.

Now 4n6xammr - if you have any of this, please do not shoot it. It has been very hard to find, especially in 9 mm Para. Very few collectors have a specimen in their collection, including me. I would happily purchase one or trade “shooting ammunition” for one if you are not a cartridge collector, or trade other rounds for one if you are. Sometimes these headstamps show up only for a heartbeat, and then disappear, all shot up with few preserved in collections.

If this was not found in an Aguila box, can you you please tell us where it was found? If in another “brand’s” box, and full of these, can you let us know that as well, and picture the box.
It may help us discover for whom this headstamp was designed.


All three of these calibers were found mixed with commercial Agulia headstamps a year or two ago. I think there is a previous posting on the Forum. I was told by a very good authority that this is a headstamp used in Agulia for “internal production”. This individual was very surprised and a bit concerned that it had shown up in commercial production.

I found one 9x19mm in 1000 rounds of Agulia commercial ammo, and also acquired a few of the 40S&W rounds and some fired cases. I have only ever seen photos of the 45 ACP. I was told it also showed up in the same time-frame on 38 Special but have no confirmation of this

Nice find. If you’d like to part with a few of these, let me know. I like them for a few friends.




Thanks John and Lew for the information. Unfortunately I cannot release the ammunition but using the information we will be trying to obtain more of it for comparison. If I am able to find a source I will definately let everyone know.


Great!!! Thanks.