9mm Blank

The weather turned cold so I’m inside sorting through old junk boxes that for years I’ve thrown unknowns and other items that really didn’t fit into my area of interest. Sorry, here’s another one. It has a copper washed steel case and a struck primer. It has a domed green plastic wad.

Rim: 10.70 mm
Base: 9.54 mm
Case Lgt: 16.45 mm
Total Lgt:17.73 mm
9mm blank hs

9mm blank green wad

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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This is a TCW (Tula Cartridge Works) CN load.


Thanks for the reply. Excuse my ignorance, like I said not really my thing, but is CN teargas?


Yes Paul two basic types (i know of) CN, & CS. CS is in a liquid form & CN is not liquid.
Best way I know how to describe it but I’m sure others can be much more accurate

Being a factory dummy I’d think it is an empty green plastic containers

CS in 8mmK and 9mmPAK is in powder form in yellow capsule

Pete - CN can be found in liquid “carriers.” Most of the civilian-authorized tear gas units in sold in California, perhaps all, leave the device in a liquid spray. CN is the most effective in the form found in these carriers, the CS forms having much less effect than the CN. Of course, the reverse can be true also, depending on the form, such as smoke or gas.

John M.

Thanks John.