9mm box and contents

Label is unfortunately damaged. I’m sure this is not a challenge for the 9mm gurus on the forum.
Not something I collect. I have enough bad habits. The sheer number of 9mm variants, boxes, cartridges etc is mind boggling.
headstamp; 4, 41, cdp, * star 6 pointed

This one has ammo made by “cdp” (Theodor Bergmann & Companie, K.-G., Waffen- und Munitionsfabrik, Werk Bernau, Berlin W 62, Kleistrasse 21), as loading lot 1 of 1942. That lot number on the label does not mean your box has the wrong ammo. The case lot number is 4 of 1941. The label is torn where the case information would be, but again, the fact the box indicates the cartridges were loaded as lot 1 of 42 is not unusual, or “out of sinc” with the cartridges in the box.

Edited to correct an idiotic mis-identification by me of the factories involved.

John Moss

Thank you John.

what is left of the label identifies the ammunition as loaded by cdp and cases also made by cdp.
That would be not FN, but the Bernau (north of Berlin) factory of Theodor Bergmann KG.
By the way, beyond the name, there is no connection to the Theodor Bergmann we know from Gaggenau and Suhl. The person in charge of this company was Dietrich (born as Diederich, often called Dieter) Stahl. Allegedly, he obatined the rights to use the name from one of Theodor Bergmann’s surviving sisters.

Peelen - you are right, of course. I guess I got fixated by the previous box label from a different thread. I am going to edit my answer, so as not to confuse anyone looking at this in the future.

thanks for the catch.