9mm Browning Long 1918 German Box

nice old German box with 16 cartridges 9mm Browning Long 1918


Gyrojet: Is this box a repack or relabeling done post-1918? Jack

I’ll take a stab at it before Harrie. It says that the lot number is unknown. I guess it is a re-labeling otherwise they would see the lot number on the rounds.

That is the box you promised me ?

Vlad: Lot numbers can’t ordinarily be gleaned from the headstamps of Imperial-period German small arms ammunition. Base markings give place, month, and year of manufacture of the cartridge case only. Jack

Lieferung refers not only to “Lot Number” but also other details such as maker, location etc. The Date is 1918, but the makers, as well as the lots, could be mixed or unknown. Thus the “unbekannt” ( unknown, but also “undeterminable” as an alternative translation.).

The destination of 9mm BL is possibly only Turkey (in 1918) as the Turks used the M1903 Browning Long Pistol; as a general service Pistol. Large quantities ofGerman Rifles and ammo went to Turkey in 1917-18.

Sweden was the only other user of the BL cartridge (M1907 Pistol), and they had sufficient domestic capacity.

Doc AV

I’m assuming the maker of the cartridge cases was Spandau, but if the box has been opened (it doesn’t offhand appear that it has, but perhaps so) the headstamp will be available. Jack

Great box! Although it was never officialy adopted, this is a box of repacked ammunition for German military use. Cartridges inside should be headstamped 5 18 H (with variations of the month figure) and were made by Rheinische Metallwaren- und Maschinenfabrik, Düsseldorf.

Fede: Thanks for the identification. It is a neat box! Jack

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