9mm Browning long, Box by GUSTLOFF from 1944

Here the box and the pics of the ammo and headstamp,
green Primer seal, and packed in 1944!! (from the headstamp it was produced much earlier.).
But the packingdate 1944 goes conform with many other uncommon calibers packed by Gustloffwerke during 1944…possible a cleanout sale of stockpiled older ammo (like 8mm Lebel, 9mm Lefaucheux and many others)

here the pic


I have seen a number of these boxes lately, including one where the label above was pasted over a label in Spanish. None of these boxes was dated.

Was there a date or date code stamped on the box?

None of he rounds in these boxes I have seen recently had a green primer seal! Is this unusual?

Thanks for posting!


yes, for me the green p.a. is unusual, or at least, I havent spot it before…

There is only a very faint rubberstamp on the back with 44, like on the 9mm Lefaucheux and 8mm Lebel boxes…