9mm Browning Long headstamp

John Moss mentioned in another thread having written an article on the 9mm Browning Long cartridge. Can John or anyone tell me when Gustloff-Werke Hirtenberg produced this cartridge with a headstamp consisting of 4 five pointed stars: * * * * without the lines dividing the head into four quadrants? The information I have indicates after Hirtenberg was absorbed into Gustloff-Werke, the headstamp was H | * | * | * |, which was one of the company’s headstamps prior to the merger, as was a 4 star headstamp with the lines: * | * | * | * |. Does the lack or presence of the lines in the headstamp signify anything?

Guy - I will admit that the multi-star headstamps from central Europe are a bit confusing. The “* l H l * l * l” headstamp was the earlier of the Hirtenberg markings. I could not discover exactly when Hirtenberger began making this cartridge. There was a G. Roth case number for the type, 944, but I don’t know of anyone who has ever seen a G. Roth cartridge in this caliber. All I can say is that it was manufactured at least as early as 1934 by Hirtenberger, and cataloged as “944/1251 System Browning Caliber 9m/m lang.”

Since the Gustloff-Werke name comes in in 1938, we can say that the cartridges produced by them, with the later Austrian headstamp of “* * * *” dates from between 1938 and probably no later than 1939 or 1940. All of the box labels seen for this ammunition, although over-labeled in German, were originally in the Spanish language ("50 Cartuchos para pistol Browning cal. 9 mm Alargar (9 mm autom

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