9mm 'Cattle Killer"? 380 / 9x17 blanks?

I always assume this was some type of “cattle killer” blank.
Rim 10.72mm
Base; 9.44mm
Lgt: 15.70mm
10 star crimp


Is it a cattle killer blank and if so who made it and why the “Sport” headstamp and heavy primer crimp?


Could it be an actual sport blank like the ones which start various stadium dashes? Like 100 metre dash?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_metres

Hi Paul,

It is a blank cartridge made by VEB Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck in GDR. It was loaded with black powder and later with smokeless powder (same headstamp). Former examples usually show signs of corrosion.



Fede and sksvlad, thanks for the replies.


Used o
In Starter guns " .380" or 9x17R
RWS makes a similar cartridge, in coppered steel, as well as a proper
.38S&W Brass Starter blank
( the .380 will fit all “.38” type Revolvers, the .38S&W only the British, Spanish, and US .38S&W revolvers.)
In anycase, the VEB cartridge is corrosive and very dirty…as is normal for BP cartridges.
Doc AV

Here are a couple more blanks.

The RWS 9x17 is a brass case.
The IWK is also brass. It was presented to me as German cattle killer blanks.

I took a magnet to the “Sport” blank (the original post on this threads) and found out it was steel.


From 1977 catalog. The revolver is an Arminius HW2.

I remember “Cattle Killers” on my German Grandparent’s farm in Wisconsin from the early 1960s. Granddad had a leather helmet/harness looking thing that he’d put over the animals head. It had a metal assembly that stuck up like a unicorn’s horn above and between the animal’s eyes. He’d load a shell in the top, snap it closed, and smack it with a hammer. The animal dropped where it was standing - every single time. As a kid, I first thought he was shooting a bullet into the cow’s head. I quickly learned it was a blank that drove a perfectly flat-ended metal rod/piston into the animal’s brain. Very effective and humane; I never saw one of his cattle run or flail around after being tapped.

Captive-bolt cattle killer…known the world over.
The IWK ( 1925) is most probably a cattle killer. ( IWK, Industrie Werk Karlsruhe, post WWI successor to DWM.)
Doc AV

I always thought that a cattle killer is 9,6mm.

The only examples I have are these two from the WW2 area, a lacquered steel case with a kind of primer 30 and 30/40


Here is part1 of an article I wrote back in 2000 re Cattle Killer cartridges that may be of use:

Cattle Killer1.pdf (895.9 KB)

The second part covers the more well known blanks:

Cattle Killer 2.pdf (1.0 MB)


Thanks WBD interesting articals. I was able to identify a 10x11 (CK-23) cattle killer I had for a number of years but knew nothing about.

ck23 inside


One last question (maybe). What is this. Copper washed steel, rolled crimp, white wad and green primer. Headstamp S.PB. Jat.9x15K.
Rim: 10.68mm
Lgt 17.40mm

9x15K hs

Thanks Again

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This appears to be CK25 from the next article - it is known in various case lengths:

Cattle Killer3.pdf (1.5 MB)

Also known with rose crimp - shown in the ECRA-Dataviewer, where it is stated that Jat = Jatecni Naboje = Cattle Killer:


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