9mm Corto, 380 auto


9mm Coro, FMJ.
Munizioni Cattucce Matignone SA., Genoa, Italy.
Trying to ascertain the age of this cartridge, does the company still exist, or is there any info available as to when it began, when it closed.


This 9mm Corto round was made for commercial sales by Munizioni e Cartucce Martignoni, of Genoa, Italy (note spelling). I am not positive when your cartridge was made, although it was probably in the 1930s (could be early after WWII, though). I have an undated, but obviously very modern catalog from this company, so they have been in business in recent years. You might search the web for the company name. However, in this catalog, they offer only shotgun ammunition and primers, no metallic ammunition.


Thank you John,
Yes sometimes my spelling of Italian and German leaves a lot to be desired.