9mm DA56 CND1

You know the meaning of CND on a 9mm canadian Cartridge (Dominion Arsenal). Thank you
D.A. 56 CND1 9MM

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?Canadian Mark 1???

Doc AV

oups error it’s : D.A.56 CDN1 9MM

The “CDN1” definitely means “Canadian Mark I.” That full designation appears in an article by John Belton, of Canada, in ICCA Bulletin 258, Page 21, entitled “The 9mm CANADIAN MARK I BALL.”

Also, in the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Bulletin for April 1965, Section F - Part 3, pages 44-52, while the letters “CDN” are never spelled out completely, they are always written in a form that is clearly an abbreviation for Canadian, as “Cdn.” The heading for the first ball cartridge discussed is “Cartridge, 9mm Ball, Cdn. Mk 1.” Note the period after Cdn., also indicating it is a single-word abbreviation.

John Moss

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Thank Astrid & John