9mm Danish Revolver


I don’t have all that many books on pistol cartridges and the only info I can find on the 9mm Danish Revolver round is in The White & Munhall “Pistol & Revolver Cartridges” book. Which basically says that there is very little info out there on both the cartrides and the firearm. So my question is. Is this still the case or is there a book or books out there with more info?


Volume I of Erlmeier and Brandt has the following write-up on listing 118 on page 156. “Cartridge for the M. 91 Danish Army revolver. The weapon was still used by some units of the Danish Army during World War II. The cartridge, which was also made by the Deutche Waffen- and Munitions- fabriken AG (DWM) of Karlsruhe around 1900, was later made only by the government ammunition factory HAERENS AMMUNITIONSRSENALET in Denmark.” Please pardon any typos. Regards, Bill


Is this it?



Thank you Bill.
Mausernut, I think I own the sister box of ammo. Only I can’t see what mine look like as mine is still sealed. Thank you also.




Here is another view


Mausernut must know it better.

Always though this round was made fort he Danish police.



A list of police firearms were compiled a while ago by a correspondent on another (gun-) forum and it looks like this:
Omdrejningspistol model 1891 og 1865/72
FN model 1906, 1910 og 1922
Mauser model 1910 og 1934
Walther model 4, 5, 9, PP og PPK
Bayard model 1911 og 1923
CZ 27
MAB model C,1933
Sauer model 1938
Lahti Model 1940
Colt model 1911
P 08
Neuhausen (SIG P 210)
The boxes shown have probably been made for both the police and the navy, they both used the old wheelgun until 1945.