9mm Finnish box


I got this $3 box of something. I think it’s Finnish. May someone give a rough idea to me of what is inside (headstamp?)? The box is sealed. Also, how do I get this pesky paper label off? Thanks.


I am not completely positive what your 1962 box would have had, but can make an educated guess. I have two similar boxes, one from 1957 and one from 1969. Firstly, the box is from 9mm Parabellum ammunition, made by Sako Oy, in Finland.

My box from 1967, which is nearly identical to yours, has ammunition with a red primer and case mouth seal, and the headstamp “5-SAKO-7-9.19-” while the one from 1969 has the headstamp “SO 59”. That box is somewhat different, as it is for a rosebud-crimped, full-length blank. The “SO” headstamp was used on some ball ammunition of that era also. I am not positive exactly which style of headstamp the box would have held since I don’t collect dates, but based on Lewis Curtis’ book on 9mm Para headstamps, which reports the existence of an “SO 62” headstamp, I would say that it would have been that. It is possible, also, that the round had a red primer seal. My 64-date “SO” round does, but is without neck seal.

That is a nice box you got.


I forgot to mention. I have had pretty good luck in just carefully peeling those little white gummed stickers of boxes. I start at a corner and, keeping the sticker taut, I very slowly and carefully peel it off. If I sense any paper from the label coming up with it, I stop immediately. However, you do this at your own risk. Some people would say, not without reason, that it is better to simply leave it there, and others might have scientific ways (chemicals, etc.) of taking them off without endangering the original label. My own success rate with these gummed labels is about 95% with fairly current ones, and less with stickers that have been on for years and years and haven’t fallen off of their own accord, meaning the glue was probably better than average.


Careful application of a hair dryer to soften the adhesive will sometimes help.



Hst is SO 62, red seal in primer and case mouth. Bullet 101D 7,5g



Thanks, Hammer,
What does “Oy” mean?


[quote=“sksvlad”]Thanks, Hammer,
What does “Oy” mean?[/quote]
Oy = Osakeyhti