9mm Flobert "crown H"

It measures 9x10mm. Looks Danish to me. What is " crown H"? Also, is it military?

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I have it as J.P. Hosterey Barmen Germany. George Kass headstamp guide (H-7) lists it as pre-WWI.



Johann Peter Hoesterey had a shop for gold- and silver-plating of copper in Barmen (today part of Wuppertal). In 1849 production of primers was started, using machinery and workers from France.
Under his successor, between 1873 and 1879 the main product were primers M/71 for the military.
In 1884 the company joined the cartel of primer manufacturers.
Because the location was amidst populated area, after a legal battle, the factory had to be closed down in May 1911. Lindener Zündhütchen… bought the company and presumably its brand names.

Source: Trimborn, Explosivstoffabriken in Deutschland
P.S.: In German the name is written Hoesterey, not Hösterey.


Hi Vlad.
Your Flobert would date from the 1850-60 period based on the early rim type. These are fairly common, so obviously they made quite a number of them, or at least they sold quite a number to the North American market during that period.

I have 2 percussion cap boxes by JP Hoestery and both are in English which would support their being for the English and American markets. One of the tins has cap with the same headstamp or crown mark (the correct name for headstamps on percussion caps and musket caps). The caps were of poor quality, without the caps being waterproofed, splits or cap mouth trimmed.



Thanks. Would this be for target shooting or small game?

Salon,or living room indoor shooting. I suspect this one is fulmante only but have not pulled a bullet to check. Could also used as a garden gun too to eradicate vermin but not strong enough to eliminate pesky neighbours.


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