9mm for Spanish MG

When I purchased this round I was told it was for the Spanish Star submachine gun, it mikes out to the 9mm Bergman pistol round which I believe was used in this gun ,there is no headstamp , brass case with full ring cannelure, brass primer , round nose brass ? jacketed bullet which appears to have been tinned, now worn off, all non magnetic, could the ID be correct ? or is it just a Bergman pistol round ? thanks Randy

Randy - that’s a tough one to ID just from that description, being unheadstamped. The round most commonly found around that matches your description is Danish-made Bergmann-Bayard. There are, though, unknown-rmanufacture rounds and Belgian rounds that are the same basic description except that they differ in the width and shape of the extractor groove and extractor-groove bevel. The combination of a tinned bullet and no headstamp is likely not Spanish, unless it turns out one day that the unknown round is Spanish. Again, though, it is almost impossible to tell from just that description. I am not even sure a photo would help. You pretty much have to make a direct comparison to other unheadstamped Bergmann-Bayard rounds of known manufacture, like Danish and Belgian, to sort one like this out.

OK John, thank you