9mm for the Army's new pistol

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Pete - this ammunition is already being sold by Winchester on the commercial market. I have a box of the FMJ load, which came in a quasi-military style box and is with the military headstamp, dated 18. The Hollow point is in more of a commercial style box, and is loaded in nickel cases with a dated, commercial-style headstamp, not in the form the military is getting it.

I was surprised to see it so soon.

John Moss

John, it didn’t sound like there was much in the way of huge advancements by the bullet head - I think it was pretty easy to come out with a commercial variant.

In fact, some HP Remington rounds and the old silvertip always function in any 9mm I have had - to include numerous lugers.


Does somebody have maybe a technical sheet of these cartridges?

Only in the 9mm ammo business you can go back in time some 100 years and call it an innovation. ;)

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The comments on the article are comedy gold, lots of keyboard warriors and fuddlore.

Interesting they went with 115 gr. For the standard load.