9mm French Blanks

While doing a little research on these 9mm rounds I stumbled across your website. First I want to apologize for my first post being a request for help from you. However I still hope you have some information about these rounds.

I ran across these when doing some horse trading with a friend of mine. He tossed them in on a gun deal we were working on even though both of use had no idea what they were. I think he was tired of seeing them laying around and me being a pack rat I was glad to take them. What I have been able to find out so far is this. They are 9mm dummy bullets. I have found pictures that resemble this round that were made by the french. I have also found documentation that says these where also manufactured here in the states by a company called Stembridge Gun Rentals. They were mainly used in the states in Hollywood for the movies. I think the latter is probably more likely between these two options.

Any help would be great. The approximate dates these were manufactured and possibly a value.




  1. Base is aluminum approx. 1/4 inch high
  2. There is no head stamp on the base
  3. plastic casing appears to be all one piece
  4. Total length is 1-1/8 inch



Welcome to the Forum. I’m sure someone will be able to answer your questions, but you have not supplied enough information for a positive ID. What color is the plastic? A picture would help a great deal

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for the welcome to the forum. I had the “img” tags in the post with the picture address. Obviously I did something wrong so I just put the “URL” link below them. That should solve the problem.


Jim–The links do not work. All I got when clicking on them was “Forbidden-Do not have permission to access”. Your best bet is to open a FREE Photobucket account as suggested above. Or click on my “EMAIL” link below and send the pictures to me as attachments and I will post them for you.

Email sent

Here are the pictures dstegjas tried to upload.

These are NOT dummy rounds - they are French blank 9mm Para loads. They are fairly common, but nice in a collection. Again, they are not inert! If fired close to the body, they could inflict injury! They have been made in France in various colors for various purposes. I believe the milky white are the color for blanks used officially by the French (military, police). They are similar to ones made in some other countries, like Norway and Spain, but can be separately identified normally by the length of the grooves (pre-weakening the “bullet” for breaking open there when fired), primer crimps and seals (or lack thereof) and in some cases, headstamps. There is no question that this one is French.

3 other type’s of 9mm blank’s
DAG = Germany
NWM = The Netherlands
FN = Belgium

That was my mistake calling them “dummy” rounds. I assumed they were active. I just used the incorrect word to discribe them. Thanks for correcting me on that.

I want to thank you for indentifing them for me. I still need to find a value to them. I have 200 of these and don’t need to keep them all. So when it comes time to sell them. I will need to know the approximate value to help me decide on a fair asking price.

Also, since these are concidered live ammo. Am I correct in assuming that mailing them can be a problem.

Thanks again for your help.


Jim - I am not one to ascribe values to cartridges. I pay little or no attention to the monetary aspects of cartridge collecting except to decide whether or not a cartridge is worth the asking price to me at the time is is offered. Sometimes I purchase and sometimes I don’t. Once purchased, I do not even record the price I paid in my catalog. I suppose if I did, in retrospect, I would give up collecting as I am sure the total would shock me.

However, value is in part a case of supply and demand. With 200 of these cartridges, you have enough for every 9mm collector in the world that doesn’t have one of these relatively common cartridges. I would personally say that their value is no more than that of any 9mm ammunition for shooting. That is not to say this is true with every variation of French plastic 9mm blank. There are various base materials and colors. Some are much, much scarcer than others. Your type is probably about the most common, and your acquisition of 200 of them has made it that much more common. This is just my opinion, but I give it as a person with “no horse in the race.”

This is live ammunition. In the United States and most other countries that I know of, it is absolutely illegal to mail one of them. They can be sent by other carriers, such as UPS and FED-X as long as the box is marked with the correct ORM-D stamp indicating the package contains Small Arms Ammunition. The problem is that the shipping cost to send a single round of this ammunition by these carriers would probably cost ten times or more than what the cartridge is worth.

Thanks for your honesty in this matter. That is what I was looking for as well as the information. Since I am not what most people would concider a collector. My knowledge about virtually everything concerning collecting ammunition is zip. So I can only rely on information like yours. I appriciate your patience with me and my questions.